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Image Name Address Jurisdiction
107701 Unknown ACCWP-Oakland
107702 555 98th Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
107704 Wood St & 14th St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
108107 968 81st Ave.; 1001 83rd Ave., Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
1202 Mountain View Blvd/MS14-0006 1202 Mountain View Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
1210 Livorna Rd/MS06-0038 1210 Livorna Rd, Alamo, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
1251 Laverock/MS07-0015 1251 Laverock Ln, Alamo Unincorporated Contra Costa County
1315 16th St Doggie Day Care 1315 16th Street ACCWP-Oakland
1350 14th St 1350 14th St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
24-Hr Fitness/Chick-A-Fill Restaurant 2800 North Main Street Walnut Creek
2600 Goodrick Ave 2600 Goodrick Ave Richmond
3001 Broadway (Sprouts - Shops) 3001 Broadway ACCWP-Oakland
3600 Byer Rd/MS15-0005 3600 Byer Rd, Byron, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
479 N Pastoria Office Complex 479 N Pastoria Av Sunnyvale
4801 Shattuck Ave 4801 Shattuck Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
509 Parker Ave/SD14-9367 509 Parker Ave, Rodeo, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
5239 Claremont Ave 5239 Claremont Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
585 Old San Francisco 585 Old San Francisco Rd Sunnyvale
590 Old San Francisco 590 Old San Francisco Rd Sunnyvale
609 Oak Street 609 oak street, oakland, ca ACCWP-Oakland
64052 10920 MacArthur Boulevard (@ Durant Ave), Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
66 Crest Ave/MS14-0013 66 Crest Ave, Alamo, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
67259 460, 474, 476 Grand Ave ACCWP-Oakland
67260 301 East 18th Street ACCWP-Oakland
67262 9161/9175 Edes Ave ACCWP-Oakland
67657 6623 San Pablo Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
67658 1701 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
67659 1818 14th St/1401 Wood St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
7-11 International 506 International Blvd. ACCWP-Oakland
7-11 Store 1096 Oak Grove Rd. Concord
76466 30 Mandalay Rd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
90899 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
91297 30 Mandalay Rd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
91697 3701 Broadway ACCWP-Oakland
9800 MacArthur Blvd 9800 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
AAA Oakland Rockridge 1982 Pleasant Valley Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Ace Hardware 3090/3110 Main Street, cross is Vintage Parkway Oakley
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Garage 435 Hawthorne Ave., Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Hospital Tower 350 Hawthorne Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Anton Sunnyvale Apartments 1105 N Fair Oaks Av Sunnyvale
Apple - Benicia 975 Benicia Av Sunnyvale
Arbor View Estates/SD07-9174 1964 Reliez Valley Rd, Lafayette, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Arcadia Park 98th Ave at San Leandro St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Armory Family Housing Project 620 E Maude Av Sunnyvale
Arques Square 921-927 E Arques Av Sunnyvale
Aster Avenue Townhomes 485 Virginia Pine Ter Sunnyvale
Aster Place 1156 Aster Av Sunnyvale
Atlas Industrial 2995 Atlas Road
Audi Dealership 1300 Concord Ave. Concord
Auto Zone 7609 Brentwood Blvd. Brentwood
Autozone Store 2051 Monument Blvd. Concord
Bakery Lofts 5200 Adeline St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Bay Walk Richmond, CA, South of Wright Avenue, East Marina Way South Richmond
Belle Terre 3428 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette
Best Buy 760 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Bio-Rad 1 3110 Regatta Blvd., Richmond, CA 94804 Richmond
Bio-Rad 2 3112 Regatta Blvd., Richmond, CA 94804 Richmond
Black Angus 2355 Sand Creek Rd. Brentwood
Bordeaux Center 1376-1380 Bordeaux Dr Sunnyvale
Bottoms Property Richmond, CA, West of Canal Boulevard, East of Seacliff Drive Richmond
Brentwood City Hall 120 City Park Way Brentwood
Brentwood Sunset Park 655 Sunset Rd. Brentwood
Britton Place 624 E Evelyn Av Sunnyvale
Brookfield Court 9509-9575 Edes Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Byron Jet Center Byron Jet Center, Falcon Way, Byron, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
California Shakespeare Festival/LP08-2050 100 Gateway Blvd., Oinda, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Carmel Estates Carmel Pkwy/Marsh Creek Brentwood
Carmel Lofts 150 S Taaffe St Sunnyvale
Cathedral Gardens 635 22nd St; 616, 620, 638 21st St, 2100 MLK Jr. Way, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Century Buffet 4108 International Blvd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Cherry Glen Plaza 398 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Chick-fil-A 550 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Children's Hospital Outpatient Clinic 2 744 and 747 52nd St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Chow Piedmont Retail Grocery 3770 Piedmont Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
City Fitness Center 1165 East Arques Av Sunnyvale
Classics at City Park 545 E Weddell Dr Sunnyvale
Classics at Crossman Place 1035 N Fair Oaks Sunnyvale
Classics at East Evelyn 755 E Evelyn Av Sunnyvale
Classics at East Evelyn Avenue 830 E Evelyn Av Sunnyvale
Classics at East Maude 423 E Maude Av Sunnyvale
Classics at Fremont 636 W Fremont Av Sunnyvale
Classics at Kiel Court 1049 Kiel Ct Sunnyvale
Classics at Los Palmas Park 711 S Mathilda Av Sunnyvale
Classics at Sunnyvale Manor 1485 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale
Classics at Toyama 1060 Morse Av Sunnyvale
Classics at Toyama II 435 Toyama Dr Sunnyvale
Classics at W Iowa 300 W Iowa Av Sunnyvale
Clinton Courthouse 720 East 11th St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Comcast Parking Lot 1 1401 Marina Boulevard Richmond
Comcast Parking Lot 2 1401 Marina Way S., Richmond, CA Richmond
Costco Gas Station 150 Lawrence Station Rd Sunnyvale
Courthouse Condominiums 2935 Telegraph, Oakland, CA ACCWP-Oakland
Crazy Baffet 830 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Cutting & 1st Street Cutting & 1st Street Richmond
Danbury Place 1047 N. Fair Oaks Av Sunnyvale
Derby Lofts 401 Derby Avenue ACCWP-Oakland
D&H Landscaping 850 Morton Ave., Richmond Richmond
DLR Industrial Condos 3951, 3953, 3955 Industrial Way Concord
Driftwood Estates/SD13-9352 233 Driftwood Drive, Bay Point, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Duane Court (37 Degrees North) 1044 E Duane Av Sunnyvale
East Arques Property 617 E Arques Av Sunnyvale
El Rincon SD9189 El Rincon Road (all address numbers), Bay Point area (Region 2) Contra Costa County
Estates at Sunnyvale 700 Timberpine Av Sunnyvale
Evelyn Glen 106 S Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale
Fair Oaks Transit Village 470 Persian Dr Sunnyvale
Fire Station #5 1210 Bordeaux Dr Sunnyvale
Foothill Square 10700 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Fortinet 899 Kifer Rd Sunnyvale
Fred Finch Youth Center - Rising Oaks 3800 Coolidge Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Fusion Sunnyvale 962 E Duane Av Sunnyvale
Garrity Way Apartments 3151 Garrity Way Richmond
GI_075 Lone Tree Way/Empire Ave. Brentwood
GI_076 San Jose Ave./Raley's Shopping Center Brentwood
GI_077 Dainty Ave./Marsh Creek Bridge Brentwood
GI_078 Walnut Blvd./Oak St. Brentwood
Golden Gate Recreation Center 1075 62nd St. ACCWP-Oakland
Golf Cart Paths 605 Macara Av Sunnyvale
Google Tech Corners 799-815 11th Av Sunnyvale
Green Grocery 777 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale
Grocery Outlet 12010 San Pablo Blvd, Richmond, CA Richmond
Habitat for Humanity B (10800 Edes Ave) 10800-10854 Edes Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Hanlees Toyota 3233 Auto Plaza Drive Richmond, CA 94806 Richmond
Hemme Estates/MS14-0004 512 Hemme Ave, Alamo, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Hidden Valley Park Center Ave. & Redwood Rd. Martinez
Highland Hospital 1411 E 31st St, Oakland, CA, 94602, USA ACCWP-Unincorporated Alameda County
Honda Port of Entry Foot of Canal Boulevard Richmond
Honda Port of Entry, Port of Richmond Foot of Canal Blvd., Richmond, CA Richmond
Intermodal Facility Parking Lot 360 Ferry St. Martinez
Intuitive Surgical 1250 Kifer Rd Sunnyvale
Intuitive Surgical II 1020 Kifer Rd Sunnyvale
Ironworks North 475 E Evelyn Av Sunnyvale
Ironworks South 394 E Evelyn Av Sunnyvale
Java Metro Center 111 Java Dr Sunnyvale
Jefferson Street Apartments 1801 Jefferson St / 612 18 St. ACCWP-Oakland
Jehovah's Witness Church Smith Road Brentwood
Juniper Networks 1081, 1133, 1139 Innovation Wy Sunnyvale
Kaiser Hospital 727 MacDonald Blvd., Richmond, CA 94804 Richmond
Kaiser Parking Garage 727 MacDonald, Richmond, CA Richmond
Kaiser Permanente 1263 E Arques Av Sunnyvale
Kaiser Phase II 3600 Broadway ACCWP-Oakland
Lampworks Lofts 1614 Campbell St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Las Palmas Development 660 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Lawrence Station Apartment Complex 1285-1287 Lawrence Station Rd Sunnyvale
Lazy Dog Restaurant 1961 Diamond Blvd. Concord
LDS Church 1875 Highland Way Brentwood
Lewis Building 618 8th Street Richmond
Lighthouse Community Charter School 444 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Linkedin 580 N Mary Av Sunnyvale
Lion Creek Crossing Phase 4 6920 Snell St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Lion Creek Crossing Phase 5 6710 Lion Way, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Lockheed Martin 1111 Lockheed Martin Wy Sunnyvale
Los Vaqueros Expansion & Recreation/LP11-2011 19 Walnut Blvd, Byron, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Lotus Townhomes 637 E Taylor Av Sunnyvale
Lowe's Sunnyvale 811 E Arques Av Sunnyvale
MacArthur BART Transit Village/Mural Apartments 515 Apgar St./3838 Turquoise Way, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Making Waves Academy 2900 Technology Ct., Richmond, CA Richmond
Marquis Townhomes Shreve Lane Lafayette
Martinez Wellness Center 250-0914 CC Regional Wellness Center, 25 Allen St., Martinez Contra Costa County
Mathilda Apartments 455-481 S Mathilda Av Sunnyvale
Mathilda Overpass 400-438 W Evelyn Av and 400-470 W California Av Sunnyvale
Mathilda R&D Campus 505-595 North Mathilda Av Sunnyvale
Mathilda Villas 538 S Mathilda Av Sunnyvale
McDonalds - 4514 Telegraph Ave 4514 Telegraph Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Meade By-pass Meade St & Regatta Blvd Richmond
Menrock Almanor 525 Almanor Av Sunnyvale
Mercedes-Benz 307-309 Pastoria Av Sunnyvale
Mercedes-Benz Garage 370 29th St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Mixed Use Broadway & 8th 459 8th St. ACCWP-Oakland
Moffett Gateway 1221 Crossman Av Sunnyvale
Moffett Place (Lot 1 - Building 4) 1190 Bordeaux Dr Sunnyvale
Moffett Place (Lot 1 - Building 6) 1195 Bordeaux Dr Sunnyvale
Moffett Place (Lot 1 - Phase 1) 1170 Bordeauz Dr Sunnyvale
Moffett Place (Lot 2 - Parking Structure C) 1200 Bordeaux Dr Sunnyvale
Moffett Place (Lot 3) 1160 N Mathilda Av Sunnyvale
MS 851-2010 Heinzer 767 & 777 Dolphin Drive Danville
Network Appliance 450 E Java Dr Sunnyvale
Nevin Street Improvement Project Nevin St, 19th – 27th St
Oak Forest Family Apartments, Phase 6 73 Carol Lane, cross is Main Street Oakley
Oakland City Zoo 9777 Golf Links Rd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Oakland Zoo - Veterinary Hospital 9777 Golf Links Rs, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Oakmead Tower 384 Santa Trinita Av Sunnyvale
Omega Pacific 618 S 8th St., Richmond Richmond
Orinda Grove Subdivision 9265 Altarinda Road Orinda
Orinda Oaks Subdivision 8101 Stein Way Orinda
OSH - Remodel and ADA Upgrade 1440 Fitzgerald Dr. Pinole
Palo Alto Medical Foundation 301 & 410 Old San Francisco Rd Sunnyvale
Panda Express 790 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Parkside Studios 495 N Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale
Parkside Villas 430 Toyama Av , 1038 Morse Av Sunnyvale
Penninsula Communities 421 S Bayveiw Av, 408/420 Flora Vista Av Sunnyvale
Petsmart 760 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Phoenix Commons 340 29th Ave ACCWP-Oakland
Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District Community Center 320 Civic Dr. Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District Pleasant Oaks Park Hawthorne Dr. Pleasant Hill
Point Richmond Self Storage 300 W. Ohio Ave., Richmond, CA Richmond
Port of Potrero Canal Blvd., Richmond, CA Richmond
Power Mart #101/CV0013-00066 245 Bailey Rd, Bay Point, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Prosperity Place 188-198 11th St./1110 Jackson St., Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Public Storage 1060-1070 Stewart Dr Sunnyvale
Queen of Heaven/LP09/2036 1965 Reliez Valley Rd, Lafayette, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Rossmoor Events Center 1015 Stanley Dollar Drive Walnut Creek
Safeway (College/Claremont) 6310 College Ave ACCWP-Oakland
Sailboat House 568 Bellvue Ave ACCWP-Oakland
Sailboat House Shoreline Improvement Project 568 Bellevue ACCWP-Oakland
Sam's Club Remodel 1225 Concord Ave., Concord Contra Costa County
Sam's Club Remodel/DP11-3018 1225 Concord Ave, Concord, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
San Pablo Community Center 2450 Road 20 San Pablo
San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church/LP12-2110 902 Danville Blvd, Alamo, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Satellite Housing/Lakeside Senior Housing 1507-1517 2nd Ave., 115 E 15th St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Seven Seas Park 1010-1024 Morse AV Sunnyvale
Solstice Apartments 199-201 Washington Av Sunnyvale
Starview 436 Starview Danville
Stewart Village 955 Stewart Dr Sunnyvale
St. Jude Medical 645 Almanor Sunnyvale
St. Mary's College - Expansion of Existing North Parking Lot 1928 St. Mary's Road, Moraga Moraga
St. Paul's Episcopal School 124 Montecito Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
St. Paul's Episcopal School II 124 Montecito Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Stratford School 1500 Partridge Av Sunnyvale
St. Theresa Church and School 30 Mandalay Rd/4850 Clarewood Drive, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Sunnyvale Affordable Housng 660 S Fair Oaks Av Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Business Park 860 West California Av Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Fair Oaks Collection 628/650/660 E Taylor Av Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Marriot Courtyard 660 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Retail Center 150 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Retail Center (Safeway) 762 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Self Storage 875 E Arques Av Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Town Center 2502 Town Center Ln Sunnyvale
SWMP - 1095 W El Camino Real 1095 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale
SWMP - 523 E Homestead 523 E Homestead Av Sunnyvale
SWMP - 574 Bobolink 574 Bobolink Cr Sunnyvale
SWMP - 610 E Weddell 610 E Weddell Dr Sunnyvale
Tassafaronga Village (81st Ave) 970-998 81st Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Tassafaronga Village (Kinsell Commons) 84th Ave at F St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Tassafaronga Village (OHA) 84th Ave at G St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Temple Sinai (First Hebrew Congregation) 2808/2820 Summit St, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Terraza Palmera at St. Joseph's 1272 26th Ave, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
The College Preparatory School 6100 Broadway, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
The Crescent 1250 Lakeside Dr Sunnyvale
The Hive (2301 Broadway) 2301 Broadway, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Topaz Terrace 1070 Morse Av Sunnyvale
Toscana Unit 1 Southeastern corner of the West Leland/San Marco Blvd. intersection (APN 097-550-029) Pittsburg
Toscana Unit 2 Subdivision 9333 Pittsburg
Tower Mart #101 245 Bailey Road, Bay Point Contra Costa County
Trash Capture Device Thompsons Dr. Brentwood
Trellis 610 Alberta Av Sunnyvale
Trinity Park 860 W Fremont Av Sunnyvale
Unknown13 Unknown ACCWP-Oakland
Unknown3 ACCWP-Oakland
UPS 1601 Atlas Rd. Richmond
Vasco Rd Safety Improvement Project Vasco Road, Byron, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Vasco Rd Safety Improvement Project 2 Vasco Road, Byron, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Verizon Wireless, MSC 411 N Pastoria Av Sunnyvale
Verona at Sunnyvale 404 Tasman Ct Sunnyvale
Via Apartments 621 Tasman Dr Sunnyvale
Vincent Academy 2501 Chestnut Street ACCWP-Oakland
Walgreens 780 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale
Walgreen's - Foothill 3232 Foothill Blvd, Oakland ACCWP-Oakland
Warmington Residential 968 E Taylor Av Sunnyvale
Westborough/SD14-9376 1660 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Westridge Apartments 2595 Landcaster Dr
Westridge Apartments 3175 South Hampton Ct Richmond
Westridge Apartments 2409 Aberdeen Way, Richmond
Whole Foods Distribution Center Point Pinole Business Park, Building 4 Richmond
Willow Avenue Corner 1175 Willow Av Sunnyvale
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